Player interview with "Adam Pomphrett" U21 Co-Captain

1. When did you join Athenry FC?
2004, I’ve never wanted to play anywhere else.

2. What personal achievements have got while being with Athenry FC?
Won the U18 premier division, for the first time in the clubs history (unbeaten).
Made my senior debut, beating mervue in Fahy's Field.
I’m the currently co-captain of the u21 squad.

3. Who is the best coach you have had?
They have all been brilliant.

4. Do you think U21 Football is needed in Galway? And Why?
Yes, it gives players a chance to adjust to playing with and against older men. It also gives some valuable playing time to those who are fighting for places in their senior squads.

5. If there was no U21 League in Galway, what would you be doing now?
I’m not sure what I’d be doing without U21 football to be honest, I’d probably be playing on the B team that would be in place instead.

6. Who is the best player you have played with over the years?
Nathan Healey

7. Who is the best player you have played against?
Aaron Connolly (Mervue Utd)

8. What are your ambitions at Athenry Football Club?
I hope to challenge for every title year in year out, like we are right now.

For the record at U21 IYO:
1. Funny Guy - Adam Kelleher
2. Hard Man - Chris Burke
3. Speed Merchant - Jason Gorham
4. Best Tekkers - Adam Kelleher
5. Most Grumpy - Dali, when he's just out of bed.
6. Best Player - Nathan Healey