Interview with "Aiden Fahy"

1. When did you join and when did you finish up with the Club?
- I joined Athenry under 12, unsure of year a long time ago. Retired in 2018 played most of senior with the b team, played two seasons with the first team in Premier.

2. Who was the biggest influence on you?
- Started off with U12, Timmy for one year then from under 13 to 18 we had the father and Peter Gilhooley who would be hard but fair. They always got the best out of us. We had a great team winning the U13 league and cup double that year. That team stuck together up to U18, were very unlucky not to win the U18 Connacht Cup against a great Sligo team we ran them close but ended up losing 2-1.

3. What did you achieve in your time at the Club?
- Won lower divisions with Athenry B team unsure of the years.

4. What are your three most memorable moments with Athenry FC?
- Winning the league with the B team, great friendships from that time.
Playing in Premier with the First team for two seasons.
Playing along side my brother Cathal in the Premier.

5. Who was the toughest opponent you ever played against?
- West Utd in the Swamp, hard spot to go.

6. In all the squads you have been part of can you name the following:
Funny Guy - Paddy Quinn
Tough as Nails - Niall Tomas
Fastest player - Gary O'Donnell
Most Skillful - Wayne Finn
Most Grumpy - Conor Cannon "a very angry man"
Best Player - Cathal Fahy

7. From all the players you have played with, name your strongest five a side team which includes yourself:
Goalkeeper - Kieran Kilkelly
Defender - Mike Fahy
Midfielder - Shane Gilhooley
Striker - Cathal Fahy
Manager - Tommy & Pete

Thank you,
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