Interview with "Anthony Connolly"

1. When did you join Athenry FC?
- I joined Athenry FC from C.s. MacDara in 2012 and rejoined C.S. MacDara Oifigiúil in 2016.

2. Who has the biggest influence on you?
- Growing up it was the old lad and my Uncle Padraig. When I got into adult football it was Mike Staff from CS MacDara.

3. What did you achieve in your time at the Club?
Michael O'Byrne Cup in 2013
GFA Premier League in 2015
& Connacht Cup in 2016

4. What are your three most memorable moments with Athenry FC?
- Scoring on my debut vs Corrib Rangers.
Winning the Premier League and Connacht Cup.
The celebrations after winning the Connacht Cup.

5. What three things did you enjoy most about playing for Athenry FC?
- Playing alongside some of the best soccer players in Galway.
The commitment and dedication from the players and management.
Going into every game expecting to win and competing for silverware every year.

6. Who was the toughest opponent you ever played against?
- Geoffrey Power

7. In all the squads you have been part of can you name the following:
Funny Guy - Tight one between Shane Sullivan (CS MacDara) and Paddy Quinn
Tough as Nails - Gary Delaney
Fastest Player - Joe Gubbins (CS MacDara)
Most Skillful - Colm O'Donovan
Most Grumpy - Eamonn Lynch (CS MacDara)
Best Player - Cathal Fahy

8. From all the players you have played with, name your strongest five a side team which includes yourself:

Goalkeeper - Maghnus Breathnach (CS MacDara) / TJ Forde
Defender - Oisin McDonagh (CS MacDara)
Midfielder - Jamie O'Driscoll
Striker - Cathal Fahy
Manager - Dave Crimmins and Seamie Crowe.

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