​​​​​​​​​CLUB COMMITTEE – 2019/20 SEASON

Chairman - Peter Gilhooley
Treasurer - Gerry McGough
General Secretary - Colin Bane 
Registration Secretary - John Kelly 
Public Relation Officer - Colin Bane 
Vetting/Safeguarding - Geraldine Humphreys 
Committee Members

Tommy Fahy, Owen Diviney, Barry Doyle, Adam Duffy, Eddie Fox, Shane Duffy, TJ Forde, Brian McDermott, Garret O'Neill, Mike Noone, Brian Sweeney, Paul Mitchell & Padraic Leader
Results /First Aid Officer - Sean Barrett
Child Welfare Officers - Paul Yaxley 
Geraldine Humphreys
Disciplinary Committee

Tommy Fahy, Paul Yaxley & Paul Mitchell
Pitch Maintenance

Peter Gilhooley & Tommy Fahy
Academy Coordinators

Richie Humphreys 
Ronan Hoarty

Volunteering with Athenry Association Football Club 

There are many roles and duties within the Club:
– Teams:                  Managing/Coaching/Supervising/ - Taxi/Laundry/Equipment
– Clubhouse:          Maintanence/Admin/Cleaning/Tea&Coffee/Sandwiches
– Pitches:                Grass Cutting/Lining/Landscaping/Litter
– Social Media:       Facebook/Twitter/Insatgram/Website/YouTube
– Promotion:           Newspaper Articles/Match Reports/Journalism/Events/IT
– Committee:           Day to Day running/Galway FA/Planning
– Registration:        Junior/Juvenile/Admin
– Helping
– Fundraising
– Child Welfare
– Youth Development
– Other                      Photography/Grants/First Aid 

If you are interested in getting involved, or have a skill set you feel the club could benefit from, please contact anyone of our Committee members or e-mail the club at athenry@galwayfa.ie 

Club Email:                  athenry@galwayfa.ie
Facebook:                   Athenry Football Club
Twitter:                        @athenryfootball

Instagram:                   athenry_afc

Website:                       www.athenryfootballclub.com