​​​​Athenry AFC Executive Committee 2021/22

President - Peter Gilhooley
Hon. Chairman: Sean Barrett
Vice-Chairman: Eamonn Murray
Hon. Secretary: Niamh Hoarty
Vice-Secretary: Anné Walshe
Hon. Treasurer: Gerry McGough
Registration Secretary - John Kelly - 0863819562
Public Relation Officer - Kealan Donoghue - 085 7117269

Results Secretary /First Aid Officer - Sean Barrett - 0871936553

Garda Vetting Officer: Eamonn Murray 087 2354277

Committee Members: Gerry McGough, John Kelly, Eddie Fox, Owen Diviney, Eamonn
Murray, Shirley Hanley, Peter Gilhooley, Tommy Fahy, Paul Mitchell, Sean Barrett, Anne Walshe, TJ Forde, Richie Humphreys, Brian McDermott, Niamh Hoarty, Kealan Donoghue.

Male Child Welfare Officer Paul Yaxley - 0872273511
Female Child Welfare Officer Shirley Hanley 087 2434294

Disciplinary Committee: Tommy Fahy, Paul Yaxley & Shirley Hanley
Pitch Maintenance: Peter Gilhooley & Tommy Fahy
Academy Coordinator: Cormac McCarthy​

Volunteering with Athenry Association Football Club 

There are many roles and duties within the Club:
– Teams:                  Managing/Coaching/Supervising/ - Taxi/Laundry/Equipment
– Clubhouse:          Maintenance/Admin/Cleaning/Tea&Coffee/Sandwiches
– Pitches:                Grass Cutting/Lining/Landscaping/Litter
– Social Media:       Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Website/YouTube
– Promotion:           Newspaper Articles/Match Reports/Journalism/Events/IT
– Committee:           Day to Day running/Galway FA/Planning
– Registration:        Junior/Juvenile/Admin
– Helping
– Fundraising
– Child Welfare
– Youth Development
– Other                      Photography/Grants/First Aid 

If you are interested in getting involved, or have a skill set you feel the club could benefit from, please contact anyone of our Committee members or e-mail the club at athenry@galwayfa.ie 

Club Email:                  athenry@galwayfa.ie
Facebook:                   Athenry Football Club
Twitter:                        @athenryfootball

Instagram:                   athenry_afc

Website:                       www.athenryfootballclub.com