Interview with "Cormac McCarthy"

1. When did you join Athenry FC?
- Neville Hynes, Davy Crimmins, Frank Flannery, Martin Morrissey and my goodself all played in the same U12 team in the 1983-84 season under manager Michael Morrissey. First soccer team ..... great times ! I was an Army Officer based in Cork and the Curragh so football involved constant travel for me, but played in Athenry, NUIG, Killtullagh and Coill Dubh Kildare. Enjoyed every minute of it!

2. Who was the biggest influence on you?
- Michael Morrissey, Tommy Fahy and Peter Gilhooley in my early years, at school Dominic Coll and at NUIG John Clarke. Grateful to each one of them.

3. You are currently a UEFA B holder, what would you say your strengths and weakness are a coach? What do you enjoy the most about coaching?
- I’d like to think that a strength is that I encourage children to take risks, lots of risks to play attractive football. Undoubtedly a weakness is an expectation of high standards, sometimes too high! If you concentrate on skills the results will follow... there is serious satisfaction watching young players develop over time.

4. What have you achieved in your time at the Club?
- I played for Athenry FC at the start and at the end of my career, in the interim I picked up Collingwood Cup, Budweiser League Cup, Crowley and Harding Cups with a few Premier and Divisional Cups thrown in along the way. I've always coached since my teenage years and I feel it’s so important to give back what you have received. I have been privileged to serve as Chairman, Secretary and Director of Football in this Club.

5. What are your three most memorable moments with Athenry FC?
- (1) We won a divisional cup in Terryland ( the pitch was the other way!) maybe 1990/1991, which was big at the time for me as I'd never won anything at soccer.
(2) I returned to Athenry FC to play with Eddy Fox, Davy Crimmins and my brother Kevin Mc before I finished, and that time just to stay in the Premier League was an achievement!!
(3) This year managed our u12s to Connacht Regional Cup glory....... the future is bright!

6. Who was the toughest opponent you ever played against?
- Whether in the Connacht Senior League or the Junior League Mervue United were the benchmark for us. Ollie Neary (Mervue), Dermot Mc Sweeney (Hibs) or Alan O'Donnell (Renmore) all players to be admired.

7. In all the Athenry squads you have been part of as a player can you name the following:
Funny Guy - The witty brother Mickey Quinn
Tough as Nails - Tommy Fahy
Fastest player - Eddy Fox
Most Skillful - Tony O'Shaughnessy
Most Grumpy - It’s a tie .......Colm Branagan & Brian Sweeney (still are!)
Best Player - Jamie O’Driscoll
Best Corkman - Davy Crimmins

8. From all the players you have played with, name your strongest five a side team which includes yourself:
Goalkeeper - Willy Killeen
Defender - Mackie Killeen
Midfielder - Peter Gilhooley
Striker - Tommy Fahy
Manager - PJ Killeen
( You would nt necessarily need shin guards just a good pair of ear defenders !)

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