Interview with Midfielder "Elliott Langan"

1. What year did you join Athenry FC? When did you make your debut for the first team?
Joined Athenry in 2004. Made my first team debut in April 2019.

2. Can you name three of your biggest personal achievements to date?
Making the Connacht and Galway U18 development squads.
Winning the U18 Premier league unbeaten.
Playing with the first team.

3. Who is the best coach you have had? And why?
Roger Cronin. We were young when he took us over, but he demanded a lot from us which helped us to mature and become better players and a better team.

4. Do you feel that U21 football needs to be prioritised more in Galway? Why in your opinion has there been difficulties?
Yes. I think there has been difficulties because the league isn’t taken seriously and the fixtures are all over the place.

5. If there was no U21 League in Galway, what would you be doing now?
Sleeping and working.

6. Who is the best player you have played with?
Jackson da Silva

7. Who is the best player you have played against?
Conor Higgins (Tuam Celtic)

8. What are your ambitions at Athenry Football Club?
To start consistently for the first team and win championships with the first team and the U21's.

For the record at AFC U21 IYO:
1. Funny Guy - Nathan Healey
2. Hard Man - Chris Burke
3. Speed Merchant - Dali Mbongo
4. Best Tekkers - Dara Noone
5. Most Grumpy - Morgan Leggett
6. Best Player - Dara Noone

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