Interview with first team player "Gary Mullin"

1. You have been with Athenry FC for a few seasons now, how has it been for you?
It's been an absolute pleasure. I nearly packed in playing due to injuries before moving to live in Athenry and I can't speak highly enough of the lads and those involved in the club.

2. What other Clubs have you played for in your career?
Riverside Celtic, St. Pat's, Cross Celtic, Salthill Devon, NUIG, Galway United.

3. If I am not mistaken, you have played for Ireland at underage level? When, what was that like for you?
Yep, back at U15 level. It was a good time for me. The experience of going up to the AUL Complex and training with the best players was a privilege. The training and drills were done at a level that I had never experienced before so it was an eye opener. Throwing on the Irish gear for a match and even for training is something I'll always appreciate.

4. I do believe football is not your first sport? Is Footgolf?
Football will always be my first sport for as long as I'm able to play. That being said FootGolf will be a life long sport due to the fact I will hopefully be able to play it for the next 30/35 years. It's certainly become a passion of mine and I've been able to combine my love of football and golf together in one nice package.

5. You have represented Ireland on the International stage with Footgolf, Yes?
Yep, I have indeed. I've been fortunate enough to play all over Europe and at two World Cups (Argentine 2016 and Morocco 2018).

6. What has been your achievements? (Regarding Footgolf)
I've won more in FootGolf in 5 years of playing than in 20 playing Football but the biggest achievements would be.
- Irish National Champion 2015 and 2019 (The only player so far to have done that twice)
- Finishing 14th at the World Cup in 2016 from a field of 250+ players.

7. Back to Athenry FC, what brought you to the Club?
I actually moved to live in Athenry a couple of years back. At the time, I wasn't sure I'd keep on playing but seeing the group of lads that were playing with the club, I couldn't resist the temptation to get the boots on and link up. Part of the reason for joining was to play with a Junior Club that are serial winners, a type of setup that I hadn't been a part of up until then.

8. As a person with experience, what are your thoughts on Athenry FC as a Club?
I think the club is a fantastic one with great people involved at all levels. I see the vision that the club are trying to achieve with Moanbaun and I'm really excited to be a part of that. The folks behind that and pushing for the quality facilities that will provide deserve all the credit they can get. I just hope I'm still playing when it opens. I do feel the club are missing an opportunity to really develop its players by not having an outdoor Astro available with a suitable surface for at least 9 a side games.

9. You have done some coaching sessions with our Academy players, do you think this is something you would like to do in the future? (coaching)
100% - I actually managed the NUIG Junior Team for a season and a half which had it's good and bad moments. I've also done coaching sessions with various age groups over the years and I'd recommend it to everyone as it's a fantastic way to share your passion and knowledge for the game with others.

10. Finally can you name the following from the squad:
1. Funny Guy - Paddy (Spank)
2. Hard Man - Jackson (Strong as a horse)
3. Speed Merchant - Jason Gorham
4. Best Tekkers - Lucas
5. Most Grumpy - I enjoy Shox arguing with the ground and Dan arguing with everything else. Probably the grumpiest though would be Colm after I kick him in the shins and that tends to happen a lot at training!

Thank you.

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