Interview with Veteran Midfielder "Jamie O'Driscoll"

1. Who is the the toughest opposition you have faced in your time at the Club?
There really is never an easy opposition. On any given day if your head isn't right or you don't treat the opposition with respect you can nearly beat yourself.

2. Over the years who would be your favourite opposition to face?
Again I wouldn't have a favourite team to play against- obviously looking back there are games that you would have enjoyed and more you would want to forget.

3. What venue is the best you have played on?
Eamonn Deacy Park, Terryland at its best, has to be up there.

4. Is there a venue that you do not like to play on? Any reason?
Any astro pitch - way to quick for me - there was a time I would have loved astro.

5. Who is the best player you have played against in your career?
There really are some great players in the galway league - Ollie Keogh comes to mind - I've only played against Jackson & Colm in training - if that counts.

6. Who has been your biggest personal rival?
Ronan Caldwell comes to mind - it's not personal but we just clash every time - I think we both just hate losing.

7. What are your three fondest memories being with Athenry FC?
Castlebar FAI semi final, Connacht Cup 7 nil and celebrations in general.

8. In your opinion what are the best things about playing for Athenry FC?
When things are getting to serious in life, just go training - it's a great switch off - bunch of big overweight kids.

9. Could you name three of your biggest personal achievements at Athenry FC?
Nothing really stands out - I suppose just making squads/teams - every day is an achievement at this stage.

10. What do you plan to do when your playing career comes to an end?
I'll be like Pete G - still down on the astro playing at 60.

Thank you,