Athenry FC First Team, Teammates 101:
Attacker "Colm O'Donovan"

1. Funny Guy: Spanky

2. Hard As Nails: Adam leg weights Duffy

3. Fastest Player: Gary O'Connell (he takes something he gives to his horses)

4. Best Skills: Brazilian boys - Samba Lucas & Jackson

5. Best Dancer: Coach Patsy

6. Most Grumpy: I've mellowed 'slightly' so Dan - likes a good screech

7. Best Player: Jamie O'Driscoll & Cathal

8. Worst Trainer: Unanimous - FAHY

9. Best Trainer: TJ

10. Loudest Player: Close between Garv and Dan.. and Nathan W.

1. Best Memory at AFC, the comeback against Manulla/ Trophies won and winning the league play off against mervue after coming back from bad injury.

2. Best thing about playing for AFC, challenging for trophies every year.

1. Toughest opponent: Mervue Utd

2. Favourite opponent: Played Corofin once so them

3. Favourite Ground: Terryland

4. Least Favourite Ground: Corrib Rangers 

5. Best Player: Barry the brother of course

6. Most Under Rated Player: Martin Coady

7. Best Referee: They're all class

Nominated next Lucas de Paula"

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Athenry FC First Team, Teammates 101:
Attacker "Lucas de Paula Vinicius"

1. Funny Guy - Paddy Quinn

2. Hard As Nails - Jackson da Silva

3. Fastest Player - Gary O'Connell

4. Best Skills - big fight between Colm and myself, but i will give him that one. Colm O'Donovan

5. Best Dancer - Cathal Fahy

6. Most Grumpy - Ryan Shoxy

7. Best Player - Jamie O'Driscoll is nearly 50 and is still the best

8. Worst Trainer - Colm O'Donovan

9. Best Trainer - Adam Duffy

10. Loudest Player - Dan and Nathan

1. Best Memory at AFC - the comeback against Manulla FC.

2. Best thing about playing for AFC - Always fighting for titles.

3. Biggest personal achievement to date for AFC - yet to come, i havent reached my best playing conditions yet, but i will.

1. Toughest opponent - Mervue Utd

2. Favourite opponent - Mervue Utd

3. Favourite Ground - Terryland

4. Least Favourite Ground - West Utd pitch

5. Best Player - Adam Duffy as a Left back

6. Most Under Rated Player - none

7. Best Referee - All of them are good

Nominated next "Jackson da Silva"

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