Interview with Defender "Nathan Ward"

1. Galway Hibernians is your home, who was the biggest influence on you growing up?
- Definitely my family, when I was young with my father and grandfather being decent players and being apart of some good teams. Always given the best advice. Grandad was there for lifts and anything I needed so he was a big part of me playing. Martin Devlin and Paul Healy were two unreal coaches we had at underage with Hibs aswell. Always got the best out of us.

2. Who where the three best players you played with at underage?
- I played with a lot of good players underage but if I had to pick I’d go with Sean MacUidhlin, Evan Coyne and Caimin Rooney.

3. Been part of a successful underage team, what where your achievements?
- Won leagues from U14 to U18 and 3 consecutive Connacht Cups. I captained the Connacht interpros U18 team two years in a row and was capped for the Irish U18 team.

4. Can you name three of the toughest opponents you faced?
- Anyone with pace.

5. When and how did you move to Athenry FC?
- At the start of the 2017 season. I got a call from Seamie asking would I be interested in coming out for a look at what it’s like and it just went from there.

6. What changes did you face moving to Athenry FC?
- . A whole new group of lads and place from what I was used to for my whole life basically. But I settled in quickly, they’re not a bad bunch.

7. What have you achieved since you joined Athenry FC?
- We won the league in my first season and this year got called up the the Interpros (Oscar Traynor) squad. Hopefully more to come this season, when all of this is over.

8. Lastly, based on the Galway Leagues in your opinion, can you name the following:
Best Keeper: PJ Ward is one to watch.
Best Defender: Declan Cullen
Best Midfielder: Ryan O'Shaughnessy
Best Striker: Cathal Fahy
Best Referee: Darren Lynch

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