Interview with "Neville Hynes"

1. When did you join Athenry FC? When did you leave the Club?
- Started playing for Athenry at the age of 8, I retired officially in 2015, I was still playing for the over 35s. Didn't play for any other club.

2. Who was the biggest influence on you?
- Michael Morrissey was as my first Manager, then Michael Dunleavy.

3. What did you achieve in your time at the Club?
- Won the Premier League, a few Connacht Cups, the Michael Byrne Cup, the Division 2C & B Leagues as well as the Division 2A Cup and a Reserve League.
Won't mention Dates

4. What are your three most memorable moments with Athenry FC?
- I have been extremely lucky to have represented this Fantastic Football Club
It's hard to give only three but here goes:
1. Winning a Premier League Medal
2. Winning Connacht Cups
3. I was part of an amazing B Team that beat My very Dear Friends from the First Team in a Quarter Final of a Michael Byrne Cup.
It was a Brilliant Game with a lot of Talent on Show
The Pints and the Craic in the Old Hop Inn that night was unreal so was the Slagging

5. What three things did you enjoy most about playing for Athenry FC?

6. Who was the toughest opponent you ever played against?
- Cian O'Connell from West Utd, Brilliant Player.
Jibber Tough as Nails
West Utd easily the toughest opponents all day long.

7. In all the squads you have been part of can you name the following:
Funny Guy - Mernagh Fully Crazy
Tough as Nails - Big Duncan
Fastest player - Wayne Finn
Most Skillful - Ciaran Callinhlan
Most Grumpy - Shocks Senior
Best Player - Two if I may Ciaran Callinhlan and Wayne Finn.

8. From all the players you have played with, name your strongest five a side team which includes yourself:
Goalkeeper - Kieran Kilkelly
Defender - Tony O'Shaughnessy
Midfielder - Brian Carroll
Striker - Ciaran Callinhlan
Manager - Dunners

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