Interview with Club Legend "Paddy Quinn"

1. Who is the the toughest opposition you have faced in your time at the Club?
- Waterford Crystal in the Irish Cup final. They were beaten in the final the previous year and it takes a good team to go all the way again.

2. Over the years who would be your favourite opposition to face?
- It's definitely Mervue Utd and it’s never anything but a good competitive battle.

3. What venue is the best you have played on?
- San Marino with the Irish Juniors. Perfect pitch and the sun obviously suits my tropical skin.

4. Is there a venue that you do not like to play on? Any reason?
- Renmore's old pitch behind Dawn Dairies, you couldn’t see the goal from the other end with the slope in the pitch.

5. Who is the best player you have played against in your career?
- Seamie Crowe comes to mind before he went to England at a young age. We got beaten 14-0 in a game he was playing.
Alan O Donovan also when he played for Mervue Utd before joining Athenry, he used to skin my brother Mickey alive which was slightly embarrassing.

6. Who has been your biggest personal rival?
- I don’t really have any that comes to mind, I’m probably just such a nice guy.

7. What are your three fondest memories being with Athenry FC?
- Castlebar in the semi final of the Irish Cup, Captain for the Irish Cup final and 7-0 Ballinasloe Connacht Cup.
Ballynanty again last 16 Irish Cup, it was also my 21st and the only time David Crimmins has ever rang into work sick EVER. That’s four but it’s the best one.

8. In your opinion what are the best things about playing for Athenry FC?
- Definitely a Club like no other for all the friends I’ve made, how it has brought some of the great players and making them feel welcome, winning medals too obviously. I think it makes you turn into a small child again and forget about the everyday stuff in life.

9. Could you name three of your biggest personal achievements at Athenry FC?
- Irish Junior call up, outside of that it’s definitely just being involved in the Club for so many years and never not enjoying it, even in the bad days when you’re not winning.

10. What do you plan to do when your playing career comes to an end?
- Modelling, it just comes so easy to me.

Thank you,