1.When and why did you join Athenry FC?
(a) Shay Brady, Senan McDonnell, Eoghan Cooley, Oran O’Shaughnessy, Daniel Tuohy: We all joined the Academy at Moanbaun in and around 2013/2014, to have some fun and learn how to play.
(b) Cian Meehan: I joined in 2018 to play at a more competitive level.
(c) Luke Nokes: I joined about five years ago, as it was a good club and I love soccer.
(d) Niall McCarthy: I was dragged down to Moanbaun in 2010, as Dad was coaching older teams and I was a permanent feature on his right leg holding on tightly to his knee.

2. What are your three best memories of playing in Athenry FC colours?
(a) Oliwier Lenartowicz: My three best memories are when we won the Power Cup, the League/Cup double and the Regional Cup.
(b) Shay O’Driscoll: Playing in Belfast Cup, when we played in Mousehole FC and all the games we played in Terryland.
(c) Oran O'Shaughnessy: Belfast Cup was brilliant, saving penalties in the Irish Cup and winning the Connacht SFAI Regional Cup.
(d) Jonah Walker: One of my favourite memories is playing at Jason Blunt's Summer Camp in Athenry with boys older than me, winning SFAI Regional Cup and best memory winning the under 11 Cup against Dynamic Coaching
(e) Shay Brady: Winning the SFAI Regional SFAI Cup, trip to Belfast Cup, winning league and cup double.

3. Who is your favourite Athenry Player?
(a) Eoghan Cooley: Molly Noone…. most talented player in Carnaun, skins me every time!
(b) Shay O Driscoll: My dad Jamie O'Driscoll and my under rated funny uncle (nobody picked him on a five a side team).
(c) Oran O Shaughnessy: Ryan Shox
(d) Cian Meehan: Gary O Connell
(e) Daniel Tuohy: Shay Brady, he is unreal!
(f) Niall McCarthy: Jackson da Silva.

4. Who is the funniest player in your group?
(a) Daniel Tuohy / Oliwier Lenartowicz / Niall McCarthy: Oran O'Shaughnessy
(b) Eoin Doyle: Eoghan Cooley
(c) Jonah Walker: In u11's Colm McCarthy, in u12's Shay Brady
(d) Shay Brady / Luke Nokes: Eoghan Cooley

5. If you could pick ONE teammate/player to soldier with in a competitive game, who would that teammate be and why?
(a) Eoin Doyle / Daniel Tuohy / Luke Nokes / Shay Brady: Luc Griallais as he doesn’t give up.
(b) Oran O'Shaughnessy: Niall McCarthy as he is solid at the back and gives his all.
(c) Niall McCarthy / Cian Meehan: Senan McDonnell he is a real team player and gives 100% every game.
(d) Senan McDonnell: Cian Meehan or Cian Hannon.

6. If a song was to reflect your football team, what would that be ?
(a) Eoghan Cooley / Shay Brady / Eoin Doyle : We Are The Champions Queen
(b) Shay O'Driscoll: Pump It Up Denzel
(c) Luke Nokes: Fly Me To The Moon Frank Sinatra
(d) Daniel Tuohy: We The Best DJ Khaled
(e) Niall McCarthy: Park Your Horse Outside Rubberbandits

7. What are your three ambitions in football?
(a) Senan McDonnell: To win more trophies, to go to another Liverpool match and to complete some unfinished business against Oranmore in the Connacht Cup.
(b) Oliwier Lenartowicz: My ambitions are to get better and nothing else really.
(b) Eoin Cooley / Eoin Doyle / Luke Nokes / Cian Meehan: To win more trophies and make Athenry FC the best in Ireland, play for Galway United, play professional and for Ireland.
(c) Jonah Walker: First to become a professional, second is to best my brother and third to win everything.
(d) Daniel Tuohy: Obviously to become a pro, winning the Connacht Cup and just to enjoy it.
(e) Niall McCarthy / Shay Brady : Play League of Ireland, win something every year and if I was lucky enough play for Liverpool and Ireland.

8. When you are a top Premier league footballer, what leading lady would you like to date?
(a) Luke Nokes: I’d date Alex Morgan World Cup footballer.
(b) Daniel Tuohy: I’d trick the Queen for the cash, I need it.
(c) Shay O Driscoll: Addison Rae
(d) Jonah Walker: I would date a nice girl!
(e) Cian Meehan: Selena Gomez
(f) Shay Brady / Niall McCarthy: Mrs Browne…. be a good tussle between them over her!
(e) Oran O'Shaughnessy: Still thinking about that... maybe Lady Gaga
(g) Eoghan Cooley: Anyone that would have me!

9. Lastly, Who is the biggest pushover over ‘Mam’ or ‘Dad’ ?
It is official! Plenty of Jose Mourinho Special Ones in this group, with a 70% to 30% landslide victory for the Mammy's!

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